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Certificate and Traseability

Providing as Hitachiwagyu Beef, in the past, they were only impressed a seal on the carcass. However, in order to meet the demand from the designated buyers to clearify the origin of production and to maintain and develop the Hitachiwagyu Beef brand, we started to issue certificate of the production of origin.
We issue the certificate of production of origin for each single Hitachiwagyu Beef with ten-digit individual ID number. In this way, they are highly evaluated "Hitachiwagyu Beef" as Ibaraki's Japanese Black.

*Designated buyer:  the buyer who is authorized to attend the wholesale market
*carcass:  carcass is the meat which is slaughtered, removed skin and cut off head and internal organs. Normally
  they are cut half (right and left). The designated carcass are graded and sold at wholesale meat auction followed
  by the carcass trading system standard.

  For confirming the traseability check this link(English only)  http://www.id.nlbc.go.jp/english/

Meat Grading system in Japan

Japanese Meat Grading Association Beef Carcass Grading Standard has been developed to measure those carcasses that are yielding higher marble scores. Today the grading standard whereby the BMS (Beef Marble Score) grade range is 3-12 (eliminating 1 and 2). The carcass is graded by judging for cutting the surface between the sixth and seventh rib.

The grading is divided into two main categories, yield grade and the meat quality grade. (*see the chart ) There are three yield grades: A, B and C - classified by yield percentages estimated by an equation. There are five quality grades: based on marbling, meat colour and texture, and fat colour and quality.

Yield Grade: A for above average, B for average and C for below average.

Meat Grading system in Japan
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